From as far back as I can remember I’ve been playing music. It has been the the most consistent presence in my life since childhood since my folks bought me my first guitar.

Whether I was spending countless hours learning Eric Clapton, The Alarm, or Angie Aparo or writing my own music, the guitar has been my good friend through thick and thin. After moving West from DC several years ago, I fell in love with California and the music scene here.

After stints in The Rumour, Loose Britches, and MiLkShAkE, I’m having fun doing it solo these days writing songs, discovering my own voice, and re-learning the art of some simple acoustic sounds.

I play a Taylor 314ce acoustic/electric and a Fender Strat electric. I do all my recording on my Macbook Pro using GarageBand with a Shure KSM32 mic and the Apogee Duet pre-amp.  Simple and lo-fi, I guess.

Photographer: Seth Restaino


Old school...