Jumping fences to the pool, the policeman was rarely cool.  Mes amis du foret out there...yo, bring back any memories?   Man, that kid below seems really into something...why is he singing so agro???  :)   Again, I seem to have taken an extraordinarily long time to put ANYTHING new up here.

Gonna try and round out this little blog of mine with reviews from time to time also.  Did my first one of a new musician I was introduced to - Jakob Martin - on my last post and next up will be the unbelievably talented Kina Grannis.   Then back to some originals, although I've got a few CD's in the hopper that I need to get reviewed and out there.  My competition - 33 Forever - is gaining ground on me...not to mention he keeps bugging me to record more original music.  33...yo...see, it's coming.  You'll have ample opportunity to skewer my stuff in the coming months!

Audi 5000....I'm bringing that one back.  Right now.