i love the rain the most

really, just one of the most beautiful songs.  especially on a sunday morning after the rain when the sun is peeking out. i went for a great 5 mile run by the bay this morning and sometimes there is nothing like the smell of the wind and the rocks and water right after it rains on the bay. it was sooo nice out. sf is gettin' good again :)

anyway, i'm kind of a music nerd and i have these different playlists pulling from different tags. one of the them is my 'weather' playlist so while i was running i was listening my 'weather' mix. joe purdy's "i love the rain the most" came on followed by kina grannis' "mr. sun" followed by 10,000 maniacs "talk about the weather" followed by alexi murdoch's "orange sky," etc etc. they all just flowed together so well. god i love itunes :)

i couldn't resist doing a sunday morning video of this song. have an awesome week!