san francisco indie music

What is 33Forever?

And who is John Hamilton?

If you like discovering new indie artists and don't know where to go or want a run-down of the indie music scene in San Francisco, both of those questions are pretty relevant.  Why?  Because Johnny Ham is the mastermind behind the growing blog 33Forever, a run-down of the San Francisco music scene and an evergreen list of interesting independent musicians.

John is passionate about music and is completely immersed in the music scene here.  He kind of lives it and so you can always count on his blog to provide interesting selections and expose you to cool new sounds.  He also introduced me to two super cool sites for musicians and music lovers, The Next Big Sound - a site dedicated to promoting new artists that allows users to be their own "music mogul," and StereoMood - a site that is just perfect for discovering new artists based on music themes.  Just select your "state-of-mind" and StereoMood pulls a playlist for you.  You can even create your own themed playlist and add to the library.

If you're looking for a single style of music or a consistent stream of same-style artists, 33Forever is not the blog for you.  John's selections range from indie-punk to singer/songwriter so you can always expect to be sifting through many different sounds.  It's a treasure trove of music goodness.

Clearly, all of his picks aren't my cup of tea, nor will they be yours, but the beauty of this guy's blog is he kind of does a lot of the "scouring the internet" work for you, pulling indie artists out of the fray and putting them front and center for you to hear.  Just recently, the kid introduced me to Mumford and Sons and The Cave Singers.

The blog features up-coming SF concert calendars, weekly music mixes from John's vast indie research for your listening pleasure, recos and interesting internet finds on indie musicians, and personal reviews.  It's a great site to visit weekly for expanding your music eco-system.

So check it out, stay a while and listen to a mix, and expand yourself.