in your arms

Hey friends :)  This week I decided to do a little cover of the incomparable Kina Grannis and her new song "In Your Arms."  Why do a cover then if I already admit she's incomparable?  That's a really good question...hmmm...I guess I've been playing her songs a lot on the guitar lately and it's just a really beautiful song.  I hope that's reason enough.  Many of you know I've been plugging this girl for a while, but if you haven't listened to her music I totally recommend you do so.  She's one of the most creative and talented independent artists out there.  It won't be long before she's a household name.  (You can read my Kina Grannis Stairwells album review here).  Check out her stuff and buy her new album, Stairwells, at or on iTunes.

Otherwise (is that a word? it's late; i'm confused), I've been listening to a lot of Cave Singers, Yeasayer, and Mumford and Sons lately.  Really cool stuff but they're all slightly different in style.  I've got a review of Mumford and Sons Sigh No More coming up soon so be on the lookout.  Hint: it's good.  Another group that I'm revisiting is the Shout Out Louds...I absolutely love the song "Paper Moon" off their new album but I haven't had a chance to get through the whole thing.

Have a great week everyone!