a few juicy music links

Hey music fans!  Here are a few interesting music links for the weekend to help get you going.

I was recently listening to a few of the new album previews over at KCRW.com and was really impressed with the two most recent releases.  If you're a fan of Sigur Ros, check out frontman Jonsi's solo project Go that just dropped this past Monday.  One or two songs miss the mark but overall this is a splendid, interesting album with really eclectic instrumentation (we'd expect nothing less, right?).   And then spend a while relaxing to Australian brother/sister combo Angus and Julia Stone's sophomore effort Down The Way.  It's full of easy melodies, great harmonies, and the beautiful, smoky, quirky (in a GREAT way) voice of Julia Stone.  If you're a fan of Jack Johnson, Colbie Caillat, or Kina Grannis you'll probably dig this record.

Speaking of Kina Grannis, you can read my review of her album Stairwells on the blog so I won't gush on it here, but spend some time outdoors in the sun this weekend while listening to that one just absorbing nature, beauty, and music in perfect harmony.  Your day (and you) will be better for it.

Elsewhere, Joe Purdy recently played several awesome shows at SXSW (one at my friend's great club, The Parrish), although he continues to be under-publicized.  I think this quote from Doug Freeman sums up the on-going Joe Purdy mystery best:

Purdy's best known for his song "Wash Away," which found its way into Hurley's headphones on an episode of Lost. The bigger mystery remains why, after 10 excellent indie albums of sparse folk ballads, capped by 2009's Last Clock on the Wall, the Arkansas songwriter is still one of the decade's most underrated artists.

He also did a track for the super cool Voice Project, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the Ugandan women's peace movement.  For his contribution, Joe covered "Swan Song H" by R.E.M. For those unfamiliar with Joe, this older article on his music and mindset is a must read, especially for indie artists going it alone without the help of a major label.  No label, no problem!  What he's done has been extraordinary.

Finally, make sure to check out 33 Forever's new 8 track mix for the first week of April.  It includes some pretty tasty music nuggets from Band of Horses, Bob Dylan and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.