About ten years ago, I happened across a musician named Angie Aparo and ever since I've been absolutely in love with his music.  I can say with confidence that I've never heard a better live singer and he is also an amazingly talented songwriter.

With that said, it may not have been the world's best idea to do a cover of one of his songs.  :)  But I did anyway.

Some more great music lately...I absolutely loved the KCRW in studio performance by The Tallest Man On Earth last Friday.  His real name is Kristian Mattson and he's a Swedish musician who writes really inventive folk melodies.  His voice is kind of like an early Dylan (without the annoying quality imo) and he just released a new album, The Wild Hunt.  Definitely worth checking out.

And I also have totally been digging British singer Marina and The Diamonds.  She's like a cross between a young Kate Bush, Imogen Heap, and Regina Spektor but with a style all her own.  For a taste, check out the super duper creative video for Mowgli's Road off her soon to be released in the US album, The Family Jewels.  It'a already released in Britain to big acclaim.  My other fav on the album is I Am Not A Robot, which is getting big airplay on KCRW right now (thanks Jason Bentley!)